Can I restart the pomodoro timer?

Brittany 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 11
If I get interrupted by a colleague  (and can't pause), I'd like to be able to reset to the start of 25 minutes, but can't figure out how.


Hi Brittany, Thanks for the feedback. The ticking sound is actually meant to help you focus too :)

Anyway, I took your feedback in account, when I have a moment, I will try to implement some of it.
I agree that it helps me focus for many tasks! It's a fantastic feature. However, I work with audio a lot and the sound can be disruptive. :/ I didn't find a reliable "mute tab" extension for Google Chrome, otherwise I would do that.

Perhaps an option for a different ticking sound, like raindrops, would also be nice & zen while maintaining the focus.

Thanks for the great app!!
I have deployed a new button that will allow you to mute the timer.
I realised if I just reload the page, it will refresh the timer, so that's a fine workaround. But the ticking sound, seriously. Other people's brains must work very different than mine if that helps them focus. It just makes me want to claw someone's eyes out/look for hidden bombs and prevents me from being able to do anything but focus on how irritating that sound is. Being able to mute it would be incredible.

Thanks for such a great little tool!

+1 for option to disable ticking sound. (Great feature though - thanks!)
Thanks for the suggestion Brittany. You helped make weekplan a little bit better :)
Where is the pomodoro timer? I cannot locate it in the day view.
Under review
To be able to use the timer, you need to enable it in the Extensions page first: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=Extensions then you will be able to see a new button when you click on a task.