Please bring back the Monthly View!! ;(

barbaraannbarbre20 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 23

The monthly view is so helpful when we are trying to plan out projects as a team...Please bring it back!!

Under review


Thank you for the suggestion.

This is not on top of our priority right now, let's wait and see if more people vote this.

Yes, we need the overview. Please bring it back!!

Thank you :)  We will keep an eye  on this request and the more users requesting for this will help us prioritize for future improvements.

Yes, we also need the monthly overview!!! Please bring back!


Thank you for voting on this.

It may not be in high priority at the moment but we will have this noted For the meantime, we will keep the votes coming. :)

YESSSSS Monthly view was so useful =') Especially for those long term projects!


Thank you for reaching out.

We'll take note of your vote for this suggestion. :)

Why was a month view ever taken away in the first place? Why make something more cumbersome and inefficient? 

Hi, Patrick!

Thank you for your feedback.

On a personal point of view, the app helps to keep me focused on the most urgent and important tasks which are on your current week.  It's easier to manage the tasks per week and it's somehow overwhelming to see a month view load of tasks. Thus, why the name for the app.

May we know why you prefer the monthly view instead? 

We'd like to hear more from you. :)

Having the option to view the entire month eliminates the need to work off of multiple calendars. The app is the best I’ve found for managing my CEO’s tasks and calendar, but I doubt he will tolerate having to use a different app to view further out. Using one app for ‘this’ and another app for ‘that’ and yet another for something else when they are all task/calendar oriented is inefficient. I would love month view as an option. 


I like a monthly view to quickly see what's ahead for me for the month. Mainly, 'When's that conference in June again, or when was Comic Con again?' kind of thing. I don't want to prioritize, plan and accomplish anything with a month view. 

It would be nice not to switch to my Calendars 5 for that kind of thing. I tend to put everything in Week Plan so as to reduce app hopping.


Thank for the feedback.  We appreciate the help in prioritizing features that we work on.

Have a great day!

desperate for month view... and then be able to move through months... you plan on an ongoing basis... I'm testing this, and if this is all it does, there is no point in using it or signing up.

Hi, Kat!

Thank you for voting on this function.I have forwarded this to our dev team for reference.

Currently, you may scan through months and select which week to focus on and plan your tasks.

Hi Kat,

Thank you for reaching out.   The team is working on this.


Please include a Monthly View; it is essential to my planning style.

Hi Chantrelle,

We will keep you posted once it is launched :)  Have a great day!

Hi there! Aymeric, it looks like you already plan to make tis happen, but oh my goodness is the month view indespensible. Like you say, its best to focus on the week. But sometimes we have to be able to slide tings around quickly, and the month view helps for the touch and go types of scheduling etc. I understand this was based off the 7 habits method. But the reality is that folks use your app for their exclusive planner almost entirely. hence our massiev demand for the month deal. Thanks! 


Thank you for your insight on this suggestion.

You are correct. :) We already have this on our dev team's to do list.  Please stay tuned for the update.


Hi, Alexadre!

That is correct! The month view has been recently added to the app. :)