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My Google calenders are not suyncing

Siscolizer 6 days ago • updated by Ana Loraine (Community Manager) 2 days ago 9

My Google calendars are not syncing was working fine now all of sudden this week they stopped syncing very disappointed as this is the main reason I opted for the pro option, please advised I've tried different browsers , but still the same

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We are sorry to hear about this.

May we ask for a screenshot of these missing events for reference?

Looking forward to your response!


I am in the same situation here. Also opted for pro for this reason...


Sync will come back soon. We are processing all the calendars sync in the background and the queue has gotten long recently. Processing it currently and things will get back to normal.


In behalf of our team, you are most welcome!

We appreciate your patience with this issue.

Please feel free to reach out if you have other questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Its all of them none of them are being synced to my google calender even though I've activted push to the claender 

Hi there,

Could you please check now? This issue should be resolve now. Thank you for your patience. 


Hi Luis!

We are sorry to hear about this.

May we know what's not working on your end? For additional reference, we may ask for a screenshot of the entries on your schedule that's not in sync?

We'll be more than happy to check this further.