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I gave up using the calendar feature

PeeterMa 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 14

I gave up using the calendar feature, now Weekplan is only a tasklist fo me.

- Google sync doesn't refresh. Contacting support didn't help me.

- Google sync misses random items. Contacting support didn't help me.

- 2 calendars can't be synced 2 ways. Contacting support didn't help me.

- calendar UI is very inconvinient and confusing

I love the idea but sorry, it's more like a beta  version at the moment and you shouldn't ask money for it.

Will try using tasklist only form now. There many issues with tasks features also but no blockers so far.


Web app
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Hi, Peter!

Our apologies if you are still experiencing this on your end.

The fix for the Gcal issues have been released recently and this should have addressed all the reports we received.

I will reach out to our dev team again to check on this. 

One more issue I already reported you some time ago and now I discovered that it's still not fixed.

Google sync takes my tasks from Weekplan and copies to Google Calendar as all day events with reminder.

I have notifications disabled for all day events in my Google Calendar and time is not defined in Weekplan item but it still sets it in Google Calendar.



And another issue I discovered.

Weekplan Google Calendar sync creates new all day items in Google, from Tasks in Weekplan and sets their status to "busy" in Google. The result is that my all days are "busy" if there is at least one task at this day.

Nobody can send me meeting requests now because all my days are busy.

Disconnecting again my calendars, not usable.

PS. I am pretty sure I reported the same issue several month's ago.


Hi Peter,

May we just ask, are you using Webapp  or the Iphone App?

We are unable to find any calendar attached to the account. If you don't mind sending us a screenshot of what you see on your end please?

That would help us investigate on your concern further.

Thank you ,



I am using Webapp.

I disconnected my both Google calendars because I am not using any more the calendar feature.

About mobile app. It is so buggy that I stopped using it in few days, after playing with it a while in the beginning. It's not usable.

Just a friendly recommendation.

Please test your products before you publish them. Your users are ready to help you with information about bugs but only if:

- your product is properly tested and bugs are not very common

- you react on these requests

Otherwise I feel that I am waisting my time. You almost lost a fan here.


Hi, Peter!

Thank you for getting back.

We can't apologize enough for the inconveniences with the Gcal issues.

I will be sharing this feedback to our entire team which will be helpful with improving our app and services.

The dev team will check look into this again,

Hi Peter!

We apologize as you are still experiencing this on your end. We have deployed some fixes regarding Gcal, Can you please check & let us know. Please connect your calendars and check whether sync is working or not, If not, contact us back, We will check the issue on urgent basis.


Dev Team

Still not possible to setup pull and push sync for 2 calendars at the same time.

Sorry, can't test it. Have you tested it from your side?


Hi, Peter!

Thank you for the response.

I will relay this to over to our dev team. We will respond to you once we have a feedback.

Hi, Peter!

Thank you for patiently waiting.

Please be reminded that you cannot push events to 2 calendars at the same time but you can pull from multiple calendars.

May we ask if you are still having issue with the sync function? After setting up the pull and push kindly click save.

If you are still having issues with the sync function, kindly send us a screenshot of the Gcal settings of your workspace and we'll have this checked bu our dev team urgently.

We will wait for your feedback.

Yes i can see that I can't sync 2 calendars 2 ways and is is a big problem.

You could make it works this way. 

- One of Google calendars is a "default calendar"

- all items created in Weekplan will be added to and amodified in "default calendar"

- if we change an item in Weekplan witch is created in Google calendar, it would sync back to the same Google calendar

Sync testing.

Still is not working. I deleted item Foo1 in my Google Clendar and it's still sitting in my Weekplan calendar. http://prntscr.com/j15044 


Hi, Peter!

Thank you for sharing this.

I will forward this to our dev team to look closer into this. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi Peter and Anna, 

I am a potential week plan customer but so far threads like these have put a seriously bad taste in my mouth.  Could either (or preferably both) of you confirm that this issue has been resolved?  I cannot try week plan before purchasing because I wasted my free trial using the (at least as of a few months ago) worthless android mobile app. I am wondering if both the mobile app and the email issues have been taken care of since it seems there have been some updates.  Week plan looks perfect conceptually but from my mobile experience and others comments I would be paying a large sum for a lot of buggy features that may or may not work and worthless mobile apps.  Since I have a Mac this would mean something like $40 for a year of using a buggy web app.  I don't have that kind of money for a service I can see right here, doesn't have the customer service capable of actually resolving a major issue.  

Hi, Zach!

We are sorry to hear about this.

Our dev team has released a couple of updates these past few months. 

We are more than happy to give you another free trial as an exemption. May we have the email address associated to your Weekplan account?