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Drag & drop issues

DavidCullen 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 12

Hi, I'm having some problems with a couple of drag & drop tasks, which is making my workflow a bit frustrating. I'm on Firefox 59.0.2. When I drag items from a list in the parking lot the item remains on the list, and vice versa. Previously it would move from one to the other, rather than being duplicated. Is this an intentional change or a bug? If the former, please add an option to change the behaviour to how it worked previously.

The second problem is dragging tasks to the timeline for a particular day. Being able to do this is the most useful aspect of Week Plan for me. At the moment the tool tip which says which time you have dragged a task to is not working so it's not possible to accurately drop it on the time you want.

While I've got your attention there is one thing which causes me a real headache. When I have so may items in a particular day that the list is longer than my screen space (pretty much every day), I have no easy way to drag a task onto the timeline, which is really frustrating. Please could you make it so that lists automatically scroll when you drag something to edge of the window, so that it's possible to drag & drop when you are dealing with a large number of items?


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Regarding your first question - it is new feature. Currently it is possible to have task on list as well as calendar.

When it comes to dragging tasks to timelime it is known bug and we are working on that.

As for you 3rd question it can be requested as feature.

Thanks for the reply - it would be really good to be able to switch this feature off. The lists under the 'parking lot' don't make any sense to me if they can duplicate tasks that are in the calendar. It just feels intuitively wrong.

Same issue, I was used to being able to drag a task onto a specific time, can't do that anymore because I can't see what time I'm dropping it on. Also, I have my settings so the calendar doesn't show 24 hr time, but it still does in random places. ALSO when I organize stuff on my desktop (before the drag and drop issue) everything would line up chronologically, but then when I would go to my mobile app everything would be out of order. 

I love using Week Plan, and would upgrade to a paid plan if there wasn't constantly some bug that majorly changes how I do things. 


Thank you for the response.

I will forward this to our dev team for further checking. I will notify you once I receive a feedback.

Thank you for understanding.

Any update on this. I haven't played around with it, but it now seems like tasks can exist on some lists and on the calendar, but not on others. It's all very confusing

Hi, David!

We released a couple of update with the web app this past few weeks including the drag and drop function of tasks and subtasks. We suggest trying the interface and let us know if you encounter with any issues with those.

As for the tasks not existing on some lists, may we ask for more details regarding this? 

Looking forward to your response!

I'll do my best to answer about tasks and lists. I think this has changed since I wrote that, so please disregard it. I can now drag tasks from the week plan to the parking lot and they disappear from the week schedule, which is great. Thank-you However, when you bring up the details of a task on the week plan, although you can assign the task to a list it stays on the week plan and there is no option to remove it. I think there previously used to be an option to remove it from the week. Please could you restore this option.

Hi, David!

Thank you for advising us about the delete/remove the task from a list.

I will share this to our dev team form them to look into for the next updates. I'll let you know if we have an update about this.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have other questions or concerns about the app.

Have a great day!

Hi, David!

Good day. 

I am just getting back to let you know that our dev team has confirmed that this is a bug and they are working on the fix.

Hi, David!

Thank you for patiently waiting for the update.

May we ask for you to try if clicking "Select" will remove the list assigned to the task?

We will wait for your feedback.

Hi Ana,

Yes, if you choose 'select' from the drop-down menu, hit OK and then close the side bar the task will disappear from the list


Hi, David!

Thank you for checking that on your end.

I was able to replicate this and have forwarded the result to our dev team. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update with the option. 

Thank you again for your continuous understanding.