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I am unhappy

pbaloche62 2 года назад обновлен Ana Loraine 2 года назад 5

terrible to no customer service. This is a rip off. They charge you every month and make it impossible to quit.

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Hi there,

what happened exactly?

I've been getting charged on my credit card since last year. I thought I would use the service, very much like the old Franklin Covey, but updated for internet. Seemed like something I would use but I found that I didn't. I use my own time management approach which is a little bit from several approaches. When trying to contact someone at customer service I'm directed to "sign up" to another website in order to submit my request to terminate. So, every few months, when I think of it, I try again and am unable to get a response from "customer service" until you. Thank you. I was venting my frustration and my comment is a bit over the top. I simply want to cancel my subscription and have a confirmation that agreement is terminated. 

"A bit over the top" is one way of putting it :)

I cannot find which account is under a paid subscription: both p******101@gmail.com and p*********@mac.com are on a free plan.

Which email address do you use on the paid?

Thanks for your help in sorting this out. How do I delete my original complaint? 


Thank you for the response.

We can have this message deleted on our end. However, we have not received your response regarding the account. Do you still need assistance with that?

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