Short cut adding role to tasks doesn't add it to the Weekly goals list for that role

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  • Not a bug

When adding a task to a calendar day using the shortcut entry box using a @role within the task description does not add it to the Weekly goals window for that role.

  • Click on a day
  • Type: @rolename a task and then hit enter
  • The task is added to the day with the correct role markings/colourscheme
  • The task does not appear in the rolename column of the weekly goals.


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Aymeric Founder
  • Not a bug

A normal task can a be associated to a role without being a goal. If you want to turn this task into a goal, just drag and drop it in the role list.

stephen x foster

I guess its by design then. Its not a use case that I had expected but if your customers like it that way its all good.