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I really thought that I had found my 7 Habits Planner application, but I am sorry to report that I am experiencing multiple bugs, and mysterious behaviors. I have also noticed a lot of unresolved complaints here in this forum, and very few fixes. This indicates that your dev team is working at a very slow pace, and without a true sense of urgency.

Simply stated, there are many issues with scheduling repeat tasks, and with items simply disappearing from the app. For instance, if I create a daily task as part of a HIT on the Goal Scheduling page, it does not get scheduled as a repeating daily task. Once I edit a task to repeat daily, it shows up in the Week plan, but then eventuallly vanishes after a few days. These daily tasks also vanish from the Goal planner, with no trace or record as to what caused them to vanish; not even a log entry.

It’s really too bad as this app is by far the closest (in design) to the actual 7 Habits model.

Thanks anyway.


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This issue should be resolved so closing this ticket