Can't cancel account or remove 'add to weekplan button from Gmail

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Hi, I decided not to use weekplan beyond the free trial but it seems impossible to cancel now that the trial has expired. It asks me to log in, then when I do it only gives options to upgrade or log out. 

I also have a very annoying action button in the toolbar when I view any emails in Gmail that says 'Add to Weekplan'. How do I remove this now I can't get into my Weekplan account?

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How do I remove the 'add to weekplan' links from gmail?

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Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out. 

Please be advised that your access will be automatically revoked once your free trial is out.

You will not be automatically subscribed unless you click the upgrade button and selected a payment option.

We have manually deactivate your account on our end. If you decided to use Weekplan in the future, just reach out to us and we will activate the account again.

Thank you.