Id love to be able to drag and drop items to becoming sub-items, would save so much time!

  • uuendatud
  • Ülevaatamisel

First off, I love you guys for what you have created and are creating.  I also love your approach to include us, the people you are serving totally into what has become so very amazing!  I've seen it grow and improve beautifully through the years!!!!  Grand Congratulations of achievement of greatness!

I have one potential suggestion if I may, that may help increase effectiveness of use for many people.

I'd love to be able to drag a existing item into another item, thus creating a sub-item.



Ps. Hope you are having a beautiful life!

Ana Loraine
  • Ülevaatamisel

Hi, Marcello!

Thank you for reaching out.

We are glad to hear that you liked the updates we've made in Weekplan. :)

I'd be happy to share this suggestion to our team for review. For the meantime, we'll keep the votes open on this feature request.