"Add to weekplan" Chrome Extension login issues

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"Add to Weekplan" chrome extension is not allowing me to log in even though I am sure I am putting in the correct credentials. I have double checked and even reset my password.

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Як би ви оцінили рівень обслуговування, яке отримали?

Позначка задоволеності від Bretly 6 років тому

The support was fine. The extension now works with no issues. Thank you!

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Aymeric Founder
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Yes, we added some security measures which are preventing some of our extensions to work. We are working on fixing that.

Support Team

Hi Bretly!,

Thank you for your patience. This issue should be resolve now. 

Please check & let us know if any issue.


Dev Team


Thank you!

Ana Loraine
Quote from Bretly

Thank you!

Hi, Bretty!

You are most welcome.

Please feel free to reach out if you have other questions or concerns with the app.

Have a great day!