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Translation half done.

Yvan hace 2 años actualizado por Aymeric (Founder) hace 2 años 4

The translation in French is half done, this is very distracting. Half of the UI is in English and half in French. It does not feel great... It's ok for me to have it in English.

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Hi, Yvan!

Thank you for reaching out.

May we request for a screenshot showing this incomplete translation of tasks, please?

We'd like to check this further.

Please find a screenshot of the inconsistent translation. I am on Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99.

Is there a way to have only English, I did not find it in the settings.


Hi, Yvan!

Thank you for sending that through.

I will share this to our dev team for further checking. I will get back to you as soon as I receive a feedback.

Thank you for understanding.

Bonjour Yvan, 

je suis le fondateur de Week Plan. Le developpement de l'application avance plus vite que les efforts de traduction. Pour le moment, nous nous appuyons sur les efforts de nos utilisateurs pour nous aider a traduire.

Si cela vous interesse, vous pourriez nous aider en utilisant cette page: https://next.weekplan.net/#/translate

Sinon j'essaierai de m'y mettre moi meme dans deux semaines.