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Working dark theme for Chrome users (night mode suggestion)

akitary 2 years ago updated by calvinwilliamsjr 1 year ago 5

Custom CSS Style for Week plan:


While this CSS is functional for the current version of the time of posting, I would love to see an official night mode in a similar fashion.

Because the white base theme is very pretty, but might as well be a supernova blasting off at full power piercing our eyesights into Oblivion, especially at late work hours. This stops me and probably many others from ever using the app as it is literally and without exaggeration hurtful to our eyes to look at; like trying to work staring into a lit up torchlight.

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Hi, Akitary!

Thank you for sharing this.

This may not be a priority at the moment but I'll be happy to share this to our dev team for reference. 

We also like to hear what the other users think about this them.  We'll keep the votes open. :)

I would seriously love a simple dark theme alternative to the current light theme.

Dark > Light in almost any application in my opinion! Saves energy and eyesight. ;-)


Hi, Helioworks!

Thank you for voting on this. 

We can't tell when we can implement customization options on the app at this time. Our team is focused on improving the user experience after the recent updates.

Rest assured, we'll take a look into this again. :)

i would love a dark mode. so many of our apps are getting dark modes. 

@helioworks - here is how i got it

The actual stylish extension did it for me. Everything is awesome in dark mode! ;)