Subtasks not visible if filtering by role is on

Pallav Tandon 6 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 5

I am not able to see my subtasks if the filters are on. This is the use case - I created a task, Assigned it a role and then added subtasks to it. The subtasks do not show up . If I remove the filters from the main page and I edit the task again, I can see the subtasks


Hi, I have a similar issue. For example, I have an urgent/important subtask under an urgent/important impactful task. After setting the urgent/important filter, the subtask is not displayed (the impactful task is).


Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  May we request for a screenshot of the issue please?  We  seem to be unable to replicate this on our  end.

We look forward to hearing from  you soon.

Let me clarify. I meant that when an urgent/important subtask is under a non-urgent/non-important impactful task, applying the urgent/important filter does not bring up the subtask.

Here the subtask "amalgams replacement" is urgent/important

After applying the filter, the Sharpening The Saw role appears empty and the subtask is not displayed.

It would only be displayed if the parent impactful task is also urgent/important.