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Need help to understand how to remove task from week, while keeping it in the high impact list in the new UI

pkheterpal 2 år siden opdateret af Aymeric (Founder) 2 år siden 3

In the old UI it was simple and upfront while editing a task. The new UI has undergone many changes. I had seen this option sometime back in the 3 dots before the cross in the task window but i guess the same has been changed again and I dont see that option anymore


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Thank you for reaching out.

We appreciate the feedback with the recent changes we made on the interface, particularly with the task window. This will let you move around the schedule while the task settings window is still open. 

In the new UI, you can no longer drag the task from the schedule back to the HIT- Roles section. This is to help promote efficiency by ensuring that there's no back log of HITs. 

Aside from deleting a task, you can assign it to your parking lot or other board. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have other questions or concerns.

pkheterpal via e-mail 2 år siden
This sort of becomes a problem when status or priorities of jobs change as we work a d newer priorities overtake older ones. While the job may still be a high impact but due to changed priorities it needs to be taken up a bit later.

It still needs to feature in the high impact list and needs to be constantly followed up to be scheduled

You can remove the HIT from the week by pressing the X next to the date in the Edit panel.

You can unset a task as HIT by using the icon in the top right, where the three dots used to be.

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