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Where is analytics reports in the new UI?

bagavathi vor 2 Jahren aktualisiert von Ana Loraine vor 2 Jahren 4

Hi - Where is analytics link?

Web app
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We are experimenting removing the module altogether.

How were you using this module? I feel that it was not really surfacing actionable insights...

I was using it also quite a lot...

Good to check in to see if you are being efficient with time and ticking items off when in a good work zone over a period of weeks.

I upgraded to premium because of this feature - will I get a refund if these sorts of things are taken away?!

I would really need it. How can we track our progress without that? Its one of the premium feature and you are removing it?

If you really see that we aren't using much then plan on improving it, rather than removing it?

Hi, Bagavathi!

Thank you for your feedback on this.

You may access the Analytics module here: