Feature idea: Search and view all tasks

Dirk Breeuwer 6 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 11
Hi! Awesome job so far. Here are some ideas that would make Week Plan even more awesome:

  • Task search: Yeah, we can filter tasks right now, but that really doesn't help me if the task I am looking for has been scheduled 4-5-6 weeks from now. 
  • View all tasks: Monday mornings I usually schedule my all tasks... problem is, Monday mornings I am usually not 100% alert and I have found myself sending a task to the incorrect month. When I noticed the task was not in the right week, it took me quite a while to search for it week by week until I finally found it. Viewing all tasks would also give us more control and a better overview than this week by week view. I really liked how it was done in Things by Cultured Code:

    • View all finished tasks: Same idea, it would be nice to see all my finished tasks (and reflect on how awesomely-productive I am). 


Yes, all valid points. I have added them to the list of features to develop someday. 

no this is to have a separate page to see all the tasks that satisfy a specific search. I am planning to work on the user experience of weekplan and part of it will be to improve search.

What's the status on this?

Hello I see this comment as complete ut I don't know how to do it. Is it possible to do it and if yes where?


Thank you for reaching out.

May we know which specific function/feature of the app you are looking for? 

We are more than happy to walk you through! :)

Hello Ana, I am searching the function to list all task in one table as the last screenshot from Dirk


Hi, Quentin!

Thank you for the response.

On the new version, the prioritize button from your schedule will show you a list of the task you have within the day, week, or month view. This will also help you with sorting out the tasks within the 4 quadrants.