Habit Builder - Strict/Non Strict

  • uuendatud
  • Ülevaatamisel

The Habit Build will be a module similar the objectives system.

With Habit Builder you would choose two settings to determine how it works, 

Strict/Non Strict Time

A strict time means the habit must be done at x time.  A non strict time means it must be done on that day.

Recurring Frequency

Daily   - Happens Every Day

Weekly - Weekly, happens once a week, select which day of the week.

Monthly - Culminates monthly frequency, select either "Specific Day", "1st day of month", "Last day of month", "xth week of month" (provides option to choose value of x and the day [Mon,Tues, Wed, etc] to select)

Habits are custom tasks lists, you cannot complete a habit by checking off the habit, you complete the habit by completing the sub tasks.

A habit can have sub tasks added to them, for each individual day.  This allows you to set habits like "Work Daily" and then fill in the tasks that you need to complete at work.

Habit Builder does not roll over any of the tasks added to the habit itself.  Habit Build will roll over sub tasks that are added outside of the habit itself, it will roll those tasks into the next days habits.

I feel like with everything already built into WeekPlan, adding this will really piece things together by giving time managers a method to essentially "Template" their time periods preemptively.

Aymeric Founder
  • Ülevaatamisel

Hi Cody, I think Habits are closer to repeating tasks than objectives. You can already have habits by creating repeating tasks, with or without time.

Ideally, you would have a dedicated screen just for Habits.