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Google Drive Integration - Attaching to tasks

robert.hudman 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Hi Week Plan

I would ask that a Google Drive is integrated into the Attachment function for tasks. This (and G-Suite services) is now fast becoming the standard and a feature that so many other solutions offer as standard. 

The last feedback on from Week Plan on this request was 5 years ago. I think its time we got this looked at again. 


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Under review

Hi, Robert!

We are more than happy to review this feature request again. 

May we know if you tried integrating Google Drive with Week Plan via Zapier? 


Hi Ana

I cannot see how this type of integration (Zapier) will add a "Google Drive" button to the attachment section of tasks inside of Week Plan. 

Are you able to explain how it will?

Hi, Robert!

You can set up a trigger - action across apps:

Thanks for the information - exactly where do I do this in Zapier?

While I appreciate the suggestion - I still don't understand why Week Plan would be resistant to simply adding this a default functionality with a "Google Drive" button at the attachments section of a task. Its such a standard commonplace feature of online solutions these days.