why when i assign a role to a sub-task WeekPlan place a date on it?

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When i start to plan a Task with Sub-Task most of the time i don't have still a date for them.

So i create both with Roles and Duration.

The problem is that wen i put a Role on a Sub-task the date field get today value.

I don't see any logic about that so i presume is a bug.

Web app
Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask where you initially create the parent task before adding roles and duration of task? Within the week, HIT section, or boards? 

dario bavicchi@bavicchi it


the sequence is:

Board section (tried in HIT same behaviour)

Create Parent Task then  the sub-task

Put duration and Role ----> Today date sprouts!

I saw also that duration input is not compulsory,  date is everytime created after Role is defined

It happens the same also in the windows app