Add a reward system like todist's karma system

  • actualitzat
  • Under review

I think something similiar to the Todoist Karma System would be great for Weekplan. You get points when you finished a task and can spend these points for some type of reward.

Maybe something to consider for the new analytics tab?

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Aymeric Founder
  • Under review

Thanks for the feedback, actually, I have been thinking of adding gamification to help motivate people. 

I have come up with a solution I am happy with, but now I need to prioritize this feature against other pieces of work. 

Have you used the karma system in todoist? What insights did it give you?


Sounds great!

Yeah, I used it for some time. However, I wasn't very satisfied with it. You get points when you complete task, so productiveness is rewarded but not effectivness. Also, there was no option to spend these points for actual rewards which you could define yourself. (e.g. 20p for watching a movie)

I'm excited, what your gamification feature will look like :)