App Ruined!


I would be happy to pay a subscription for this app, as I did, but you should make sure a mandatory update works, before you introduce a mandatory subscription!

I loved this app and used it every day for months on my iPhone 8.  Suddenly I was told my "trial" was over (I never signed up for a "trial"), and I'd need to pay $51.99 to access my list, or to even try the new update (locked out of the app at the first screen).  

I begrudgingly caved in a day later, thinking things would be as before, but improved for the steep subscription price.  It is so buggy I cannot use it.  I cannot create new tasks.  Moving tasks around and editing them has become crippling.  I'm not sure anything I'm doing works, because the text box is buggy and lost from view.  I'd rather learn a new free app then wrestle with the broken app I wasted all this money on.

I have moved back to the Wunderlist app for now, but I'm in anguish over the wasted $52 dollars.  I feel manipulated and cheated.  Please let me know if you can get me a refund, or keep my money for the OLD version.

This screenshot is what happens when I try to create a task.  If I scroll up, the UI overlaps itself in some buggy layers, but there is no text box:

Image 1809

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