Please publish an Android app

Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 24
Want to be able to work offline and resync back with the website when online.

UPDATE: Damn I deleted a similar item submitted by a user instead of deleting mine :(
The other item had:
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I have published the app under the name "Weekly Planner". Could you guys give it a try and tell me how responsive it feels?

Any update on this? Would love to know a timeframe--1 year, one month...tomorrow? :) 
I am hoping to publish it within the next three months.
This will be a good news for Android user like me...(^~^)v

I'd totally love to see an Android app of Weekplan. It will make me rely on a single list of tasks to do, instead of carrying around my paper-agenda, with the stuff I come across when Im not online/in front of the PC.


It is coming :) I have got too much to do at the moment so things are getting delayed a bit, sorry.

I use your service very extensively.

I would love to be a beta tester for the android app!!!

(And if you need some help in coding/will release it as open source)

Hey Leonid, what kind of software do you develop usually?

I have some android development experience.

The app I am currently working on is a simple database type of app to manage health related data.

Is there still an app in the works?

Yes, you can already find it as "Weekly Planner" but I am not particularly happy with the results so I am waiting to improve more before publicly announcing it.

The Android app needs far too many permissions.
I understand, that certain permissions might be necessary, but SMS????

I suppose, Storage is so we can transfer the app to our USB cards, which is good.
Not sure, why location should be necessary, other than for advertisement options.

Is the network communication / internet access a constant requirement or does the app work offline as well and only needs sync now and then?
Hardware controls: Audio settings/audio recording: what for?

Not sure why the app would need access to my phone state and even worse identity. Advertisement again, I suppose?

Personal Information, My Accounts? Why are those?

In general I dislike it when apps don't explain what their need for permissions are for.
Not sure how other people deal with this, but I am making a habit (pun intended) of de- or not installing of apps with poor permission settings and/or when they are not even explained.
Since I do like the web app and since I see, that this app is still very much in its alpha state, please, could you keep this comment in mind and put some effort to explaining the permissions? I was really really hoping for an android app and I look forward to your developments.

Sorry, I am rather passionate about this.

Have a wonderful, successful, Happy New Year.

The app is requesting too many permissions, it needs to ask for just what it requires (not much). The android app uses a template that was requesting these permissions, and I haven't changed them. I will look into it. Thanks.

Many many thanks. Much appreciated.

it's not really working. I can't make any new entries from the app. using android 4.1.2 on Samsung Galaxy s3. The only thing I can do is create new workspaces.

Ok, I am taking it off the marketplace and try to fix this. Thank you!


the Android is quite responsible on my Nexus 7, 16 Go.

I think that 2 points should be improve :

* the GUI is very convivial, bu too small, it's quite difficult to read and to pilot with my (not so big) finger.

* when you loose internet connection, the soft can't work localy.

Thanks for the feedback, when I have a moment, I will make things bigger (especially the circle to complete a task is too small)


I have published the app under the name "Weekly Planner". Could you guys give it a try and tell me how responsive it feels?


first of all thank you for deleting all the unnecessary permissions.
This makes me very happy! :-)

The app is quite responsive on Samsung Galaxy SII

I've noticed a few things.
When I want to click on icons and I am lingering too long on the button the text in it becomes highlighted and I am asked if I want to copy the text.

When I try to access earlier/other weeks, the calendar pops up very very briefly and closes again right away.

When I go landscape on my phone, the lists will not show their content (not sure if it should be scrollable, but I've tried it and nothing happened).

The text is rather small, so maybe not accessible for everyone. Also, it makes it a bit difficult to hit the buttons.

Hope it helps.


This is exactly the kind of feedback I needed!

I will address these issues in the next few weeks. Thank you!

Hi, it works great on my Samsung Galaxy S3LTE. It would be great if you could change the logo to something better looking maybe? Like the "W" or "Correction mark" like before? It's just my opinion and don't mind what logo you choose. Either way you have a great app!!

Could you describe the logo you are getting please?