How can I change my roles section to be at the bottom? (browser)

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Recently, I've found that my roles pane is now on the left side of my browser, when it was previously at the bottom. How can I revert this change?

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Why do you want to revert this change?


In the previous version, I could see all my tasks in my (6) roles in a glance. With this new change, I'll need to scroll to see all the tasks. The screen real estate is also not optimal for me--I typically have 6-7 tasks daily and this leaves significant empty space in the bottom half of the schedule (which the roles can occupy).


I agree to the above comment...

  1. the new layout makes the tasks in the roles very cramped and difficult to see at a glance.
  2. In order to schedule tasks from boards, now we have to do two steps- drag to "Plan of the Week", then drag to the corresponding day.

There also appears to be a bug, when we drag tasks from "Plan of the Week" / HIT to certain days, the task remains on the "Plan of the Week" panel, unless we manually remove the panels. That gets messy with lots of task, keeping track what have been scheduled and what have not.

Please provide a customisation option to

  1. choose where to display the "Plan of the week"- on the left like now, or at the bottom like before.
  2. Ability to resize the "Plan of the week" pane, make it bigger / smaller.

Thank you!

To answer your comments:

1.Often times when people say they have too many tasks under each role, it is because they are misusing the HITs / Plan of the week section. The goal is to commit to complete all of them by the end of the week. Most people can complete about 5 in average. If you commit more than that, you take the risk to overcommit, and therefore the concept of self commitment loses its strength.

    2. You can schedule a task from a board in several ways:

    - You can click on the task and set the date and time from the edit sidebar

    - You can click on the header of the list then switch to calendar and drag/drop the task from list to day

    - You can click on the header of the day then switch to board and drag/drop the task from list to day

    - You can use the "Promote to today" button in the edit sidebar.

    3. A task can both be in "Plan of the Week" and in the calendar. This is by design. You set your plan of the week, then you schedule the tasks in the calendar. The plan of the week tracks your commitments and how much of it you have completed.

    Hi Aymeric thanks for information.

    I just discovered 2 new ways to scehdule a task in the new layout, (2° and 3° in your list at point 2)

    Maybe it's now the right time to do a new video tutorial about using the new layout?

    Hi, I am confused with the new design.... What is the best practice to use "Plan of the Week" correctly?

    Thank you.

    1. At the start of the week, pick one task to do in each role.
    2. For each HIT you have added in the Plan of the Week, try to find a day and optionally time to work on it.
    3. Try to complete all HITs before the end of the week.
    4. Repeat next week.


    Hi Aymeric I'm struggling to adapt to the new design, sadly it does not work for me anymore - I run a small business with different task's such as admin, estimating, accounts, marketing ect. they are all categorized in different roles with separate task, task would change and populate daily, I would glance at them all at once and pick and drag the ones that stood out as I decided which one is more important at the time, but the way my brain works is, if I could see them all at once and not scroll up and down to compare, it felt less stressful. I have a dedicated monitor for just this calendar and I would always add task when something came to mind or come up.  The beauty about how it was before is that I would glance and I would see all my task at once, and somewhere in my task (in the roles section) a small task would catch my eye for eg. to make a small phone call or send a quick email which I could do and fit it in between tasks set for the day, and I would complete it while I wait for the printer to print or whilst my coffee machine brewing just an example of how it was effective  - but it does not work like that now as I have to scroll and try to find and go to the task rather than just catch my eye. - Now the layout lost its effect and feels like I just have a to do list that i populate and scroll up or down so I can drag it into a calendar - its become like other calendars where you are only being productive with your task and not creative on how to manage them, the only difference is that you have a to do list that's categorized on this one.

    I liked the brain storm layout where it would all appear all on the screen and the most important tasks would make the calendar but you still have views of the all the other task's and as phone calls get made and appointments got canceled, you had clear view of all your task's making it easier to organize your next plan of attack - and not having to scroll up and down to see what's next hoping you don't miss something.

    Thanks for your time!


    Thanks MCP, why don't you use the board for that?

    The High Impact Tasks section is meant to be a weekly commitment list, not a backlog of items.


    I see where you are going and love the direction but just a suggestion, why not make the tool flexible so we can use it the way that best works for us? I mean i love the tool and i use the boards for different than HIT and would really love to have the option to make it one way or the other.

    Hi, Calvin!

    Thank you for your feedback. 

    May we ask for your insight on how we can make the app flexible?


    I agree with Calvin completely. I realize I don't use it as intended. I do use the Plan of the Week as a backlog and I really like it that way. But now that that it's moved to the left, I also suffer from not being able to see get a good overview. I had another worker in my office about to commit to using Week Plan until this change as he was doing the same thing. This must be a common "misuse."

    I think Calvin is suggesting adding an option or making the sections draggable for customizable placement.


    @sedwards is right. that is my suggestion.

    here is how i use the tool.

    calendar is just that


    HIIT are the high priority things i have to do for each role of my life (i love that feature) so i plan my week on sunday and then as things come up in the week, i put them in the HIIT role until next sunday (unless it is critical and i do it now, if i can schedule it then i do or if not i wait until sunday)


    i use for storing any random list or things far away, shopping list, bucket lists, things to do more than 30 days away.

    i loved the old view b/c on my 22inch monitor, i could go to a calendar view (day/week) and see everything and then drag and drop things up from my various roles in my life and. i could see more the roles. 

    to me. this is a simple solution, add a feature to switch things back if desired or keep them there if you want. then the bug is a feature :)


    Hi All,

    Echoing all those above who said they loved the way the boards were before, where you could get a view of all the roles at once. It worked really well for me to have the boards at the bottom, under the week view, and to have the parking lot under that. The older workspace arrangement enabled me to get a full view of everything on my plate, and I found that I was keeping track of my goals and getting things done effectively. As Calvin suggested, could you make the tool flexible so that we have the option of keeping the previous workspace format or choosing the new one? That would meet my needs for using the app in a way that feels the most effective for me. 


    Nethra said it better than i did, what he said is exactly what i did. On my large monitor it was amazing and i felt like i was in control of my life better. now i only see the first 2 roles and i have to scroll to see the rest.

    Thanks Calvin! In agreement here. And a quick pronoun correction--it is she :) 


    my apologizes! She! 

    pleasure to meet you!

    Could it be possible to see the roles at the bottom again? Couldn't this be a user setting?

    This was THE BEST way I could organise my life. Without this option, it is a bit of a show stopper for me as the new layout doesn't work at all with my brain.

    We are bringing the Roles board soonish...