I havn't been able to use the app for a week

Jan Dick 2 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Aymeric (Founder) 9 miesięcy temu 3

I upgraded through IOS A WEEK AGO and you aren't responding to my fucking comments. Give me a custmer sevice phone number so i can fix this. You have beenm ignoring my comments on this awful platform for too long. I love the app and really want to use it so can you please actually fucking do something. Give me a phone number or tell me you're looking into it. I spent 75 dollars and i havn't received my upgrade yet. Fucking fix it.  

iOS app
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Hi, jan!

Our sincerest apologies if we overlooked your complaint among the feedbacks after the update. 

Kindly advise what's not working on your end with the IOS app and your Week Plan account's email address for checking. 

Also, kindly provide a screenshot of the paid invoice for your subscription for reference. 

Thank you for your patience. We will wait for your response. 

my free trial expired so I clicked upgrade on the upgrade screen, and I paid through the App Store and went back to the week plan app and it was still on the upgrade screen. Now, when I click upgrade, it says “you already have a one year subscription” but still takes me back to the upgrade page  I’ll attach a video of this and emails proving I paid. The email for the account is Jan.droux@gmail.com



Closing this ticket.

(No need to be rude.)