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lilyhearthorn 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 17

I really dislike the new layout with all of my Role boards being combined into one column at the left hand side. Is there anyway I could change it back to the original layout, with the role boards visible underneath my weekdays?

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Under review

What is it that you dislike about it?


Thank you for your rapid response. 

I like to use WeekPlan so I can empty stuff out of my head. I use the role boards to keep a list of non-urgent things I will do when I eventually find time to do them. I also use them to keep track of major milestones for long-term projects that wouldn't be appropriate as task+subtasks in a weekday eg all the chapters needed for my dissertation goes into a Dissertation board, while tasks for the chapter I am currently working on goes into my weekday. 

Having everything in one column is frustrating because it is more difficult to spot which tasks belong to which role. Stuff about my dissertation is mixed in with stuff of little important, but I don't want to forget, like free online training. 

I found the older layout easier to work with, and would love to have it back. 

Why don't you use the boards for this? 

The HITs section is meant for tasks you will accomplish this week.

Is there anyway I can transfer everything I have written on Roles to Boards? It would be time-consuming to type out everything again. 

Yes, for each task you can set the list from inside the "edit task" sidebar.

Where in the sidebar do I click? I only see delete, copy link to clipboard, and promote to today. 

I used roles the same way as lilyhearthorn, and have tried twice to move all of my individual tasks that had moved to the HITs section to the applicable board. However, whenever I move away from the page (e.g., go back to the schedule, refresh the page), they all come back to the HITs list. Help?

Make sure you click "Save and Close" in the edit task sidebar after selecting the list.

Also you need to remove it from the HIT list. To do so, you have an icon in the top right of the sidebar (icon with a compass)

Thanks for your prompt reply. Removing from the HIT list was what I was having trouble with. The compass icon didn't appear for me until I clicked the 'promote to today' option in the sidebar after clicking the task. If I did that, I could then click the compass icon to remove from the HIT list, but then I had to go to all of the tasks I'd just added to today, and clear the date from them. Just wanted to clarify the process in case anyone else is struggling with this. 

Removing from items from the HIT list is not possible. Clicking on the compass-icon removes the enty for 1 second and then it automatically appears there agein.

Thanks for your support.

Works now, I forgot to define a list in the edit section of the task where the item needs to be moved to.


Hi, Ralph!

Thank you for letting us know. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have other questions or concerns


So how do you view/edit the Roles set up and all the tasks set up under each role? All I can see are the HIT tasks for the week. Given this is supposed to reflect the Stephen Covey Roles/Goals productivity methodology, appears to be a backwards step to me. A case of "fixing something that was not broken"? 

Hi there,

1.You can add and edit roles by using the menu of the list (three dots icons).

2. By putting the roles on the side, they become more visible than before and therefore we get closer to the 7 habits methodology. 

Also, we question whether we need to actually show the role names on the Plan of the Week. The idea is that your HITs list should be fairly short, if you overcommit you run the risk to not complete everything this week.

Often, people used the Plan of the Week as a backlog grouped by roles which was not the intended use. If you want to reproduce this, you can do it in a board.