In the new interface you can't see all the task that you have in your roles, like you could do in the old web app

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Hello, I am having this same issue. I was not aware there is a new interface, as I just upgraded my account to Premium and I thought maybe the issue is related to that. To expand on OP,  the issue I am having is that the roles are no longer visible on the lower pane of the page when on the Schedule page.

I also see a new pane on the left side of the page called Plan of the Week listing out High Impact tasks. There are several issues with the Plan of the Week section:

1) It displays "random" list of tasks.  I say random because it appears to list all my tasks there that aren't scheduled, not just my high impact tasks, which should be tasks that I marked as important.  It doesn't seem to logically order them by role or even by task creation date.  This is difficult for me to make sense of, so I have moved almost all my tasks to parking lot to avoid clutter. I do not have full confidence that all my tasks are visible anymore being that I am unable to view task by role.

Under review

Hi, Alexx!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Our team is already looking at these issues. We will let you know as soon as we have an update.

The Plan of the Week merges all your HITs into one list. they are ordered manually. You can order them however you want by dragging them.

Moving all your tasks to a board is the right thing to do. Keep in the Plan of the Week the few HITs you want to complete this week.


dear Aymeric 

In this way you have yours task in a list but you can’t difer from which role they are. 

When you put a task on your schedule you can’t put it back in case you want to pospone it. 

I think the app before the change was perfect. That is why I bought it. Really know whit this new change I’m not using it any more. 

The fact you can't put it back was already there before. A task can be both in the schedule and in the Plan of the Week. To remove it from one or the other, you can edit the task, and an icon in the top right will allow you to remove it from Plan of the Week.

Regarding the fact all HITs are in one list, isn't the coloring of the task, and the fact we show the name of the role enough? How many HITs do you have in your list?

My tasks aren't currently showing color all the way through, only a single line of color and the outline of the checkbox. 

Only tasks that come from the Plan of the Week get completely filled with color as a way to highlight them

Okay, I can guess why that is.

But the ability to easily add tasks to specific roles has been removed. I liked to ability to consider each role individually and them move tasks up to my weekly plan. It's easier to consider each role when I can easily see each role. 

Even here, if you added "Roles" that would be great. "Schedule, Boards, Roles" Then have the HITs in Roles feed over to the Plan of the week HITs. It's the best of both worlds. 

"Then have the HITs in Roles feed over to the Plan of the week HITs"

I didn't quite understand your suggestion. You suggest having a new view, that groups tasks by Role. I didn't understand, what is the different between HITs in Role and Plan of the week HITs?

I prefer to easily see my tasks listed under each individual role, or at least I would like the option to see my tasks segmented in that way.

Are you talking about all your tasks across all schedule and board, or just HITs?

When would you need this view?

I'm not sure I understand. Somehow, we're just not on the same page with this. My preference would be to see tasks segmented out in separate lists by Role. It's less cluttered. It makes it easier for me to consider the most important tasks for that Role. 

I agree, hate the new layout. As I understand it, the basic premise of this app/software was to be true to the principles of Stephen Covey's productivity methodology - week view, establishing roles, and organising tasks associated with each role. This layout effectively removes roles/goals/tasks. I prefer the old layout with my roles/goals underneath my schedule. If it remains in the new format, will have to consider migrating to another platform which would be a shame. 

Do you know of any comparable platforms? This new interface is the worst.


Hi rjlee,

Why do you say the new layout goes against Covey?

From my point of view it goes even more into Covey's philosophy.

  1. By having the Plan of the Week on the side, it is always visible. Having it under the schedule meant that you could lose it under the fold
  2. The Plan of the Week is still about roles and their important tasks. When you don't have a task for a specific role in the Plan of the Week, the tool will prompt you to add one by showing a dedicated textbox.
  3. The Plan of the Week tracks what the important stuff you want to accomplish this week, like Put First Things First. 

Many people complaining about the new layout are misusing the roles list, because they are using them like a backlog of tasks grouped by role. If you want to do this, you can, but do it in a board.

It was much more intuitive before. 

At the start of each week I like to look through each role and decide what my HITs for that week should be. It is now much more laborsome to consider each role individually simply because there is no place where all the roles are listed out in a way I can easily add, remove, or rearrange tasks for each role. 

If you start a new week with no HIT, the Plan of the Week will show a textbox for each role to make it easy to quickly add a HIT for each.

If you need to add additional HITs per role, you can do that using the +.

Do you find this flow complicated? I am really trying to understand. Would you rather have the HITs grouped by role, even though you have to scroll?

Could be a learning curve that we are struggling with. I don't mind scrolling, and I have a large monitor. :)

This may be a better design. But I do feel it's less intuitive. To me, it makes more sense to easily see the tasks listed under specific roles and then move them up into the weekly schedule. 

Even the drag and dropping seems a lot easier with the list on the left rather than under.

True. I think many of us would just like to see a place where our tasks our segmented by Role in separate lists. When I first opened this week I though something was wrong with my browser. I kept trying to scroll down. I really thought it was a bug or a browser problem. I couldn't believe that I could not longer see tasks listed out by Roles. 

Do you want to see only your HITs per role, or all tasks per role? 

If all tasks, when would you use this view?

All the time, I guess. Simply because it's the way I like to, and am used to, seeing the information.

yes. In the iPad you have task listed in each role. It culis be a good solution. Otherwise it was better to have this liste bellow and not at left 



because in this way you have  a view of all your roles and the task you have In each one. At the beginning of the week you have a panoramic view of what you have to do and then you put each tasks in the best day for it. Even though if during the week you have to make a change you can swipe back the task to the role and decide what to do with the task, many pas to next week or put it in the. Pending board. ( you can’t do it any more.) 

That what I bought the app. Just 10 days ago. 

Ok, we are looking into reintroducing it (not a total rollback though)

One interesting comment you have made is the ability to bring the task back into the role list which with the current timeline control you cannot.


yeas. And some times you just live the task in the role and decide during the week when to do it. And in the new platform this pending task are mixed whit the ones that are all ready assigned to a specific day and it’s so confusing to know what it’s pending and what it’s asigned 

Yes, I believe I know how to sort this out. Thanks for your feedback.

another thing. In the iPhone app you can’t swipe the task from one day to other. You have to enter in the task and change manually. 


I think you misunderstand how people like myself use the app. I like to see my roles at the bottom and the goals/tasks I've set up under each role. From each role, having reviewed the list, I then prioritise and schedule for the upcoming week (or month) depending on urgency/importance. Unless it returns to what it was, I'm afraid you've lost me. From my perspective, you've fixed something that actually was not broken and in the process have eliminated one of the key features/benefits I really liked compared to other productivity apps. Consequently I've canceled my sub and migrated to Trello.

That's exactly how I use the app as well. 


I’m a new coustomer. Please  come back to the old one or I should ask for a refound. 

It’s not what I bought 

Please review all my opinions. It’s all wrote  they are very similar to the others users. 
I have bought this app for to be more productive and I had spend a lot of Time trying the free 15 days and now whit this blogs and new  interface. 
What I am the others users don’t like it’s all wrote in the blog. 

Franco Della Vedova 
  1. What blog?

2. We are implementing the Roles board.

I think by "blog" they mean this forum. 

Ok thanks for the clarification :)