Android Mobile app won't log in

JohnGillham 1 год назад обновлен Geeta 4 месяца назад 2

I have a current paid account & the mobile app on android always keeps me logged in. Suddenly today it's wanting me to log in again, but won't take my login. Checked the credentials in a browser & they're fine. Even reset my password, but the mobile app still won't let me log in (with email option). It spins for a second then quits like it errored out, but doesn't give any error messages at all. Suddenly started doing this today. Updated it to the latest version in play store & it's still doing the same thing. Android app is completely useless all of a sudden if it won't let me log in. Thoughts on what might be going on?

Android app

I have the same problem. Please provide a feedback concering any solutions or workarounds...



We are sorry for the inconvenience. we released the fix. Could you please update the app. It should fix the issue. 

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