High Impact Task View Change - Recent Format Update

Chris Orlando 2 ár síðan updated by Aymeric (Founder) 9 mánuður síðan 9

I have my High Impact Tasks broken out into various segments like we can in the board section.  With the change this weekend, they are all scrolled down the side of the page in an almost undigestable format.   I need to be able to view them across the page as before, as it facilitates easier viewing of tasks across category, and moving and prioritizing tasks by category.    This could not have happened on a worse day.    I could really use a fix or go back button asap.

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I agree! We should be able to decide where it goes. I'm spending more time getting used to the changes than being productive. Do we have to keep changing everything?

It's the worst. I'm so disappointed. 


I got my High Impact tasks broken out by creating boards for each role.  That got me one step closer, but it was still all out of order.   Once I prioritized the High Impact task list by applying Quadrant order, the high impact tasks (which I saw get referred to as a HIT list in another support thread here) the list then at least got reordered by board/role.  Needless to say, I have had to play around with it to learn.  I don't see any documentation anywhere on this new upgrade.  Where are the instructions?  My current issue that is bothersome is that I scheduled all my High Impact tasks for the week but they still appear in the High Impact task list, with no indicator to tell me what high impact lists are addressed for the week versus not.  Let me know if anyone knows how to resolve this issue. 


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the "applying Quadrant Order" was helpful. Thanks. 

Overall, it was just to drastic of a design change. They could have beta tested this and ran both versions simultaneously.

Under review

Alexx, once you have scheduled a HIT, the date should show on the HIT

I see the date there now.  I didn't know those were dates because its listing the day then month.  I'm used to seeing MM/DD format. I still don't like the fact that they remain visible even when scheduled. I know you said you can unmark them as HIT's individually but there is a bug with that.  When I click the Remove from HIT compass, the compass disappears and so does the task from the HIT list, but within a second, it reverts back - compass reappears & task is back on the HIT list.  It happens quicker than I  can scroll my cursor to Save & Close. I even tried to mark the task as not Important wondering if that was interfering but that doesn't help either. 

Yes we are fixing that bug right now.

Maybe we should use "18 Oct" format...

Yes, maybe you are right, maybe we should collapse the HITs that are scheduled already (similar to how we collapse the completed tasks).

That would help reduce the clutter in that list for sure!


Closing this ticket as we have resolved this using two things:

- Group HITs by roles

- Offer a backlog by roles view.