High Impact Tasks

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All of my High Impact tasks are mixed? They used to be by category. Also when I asign them to the schedule they stay in the sidebar making it confusing.


I'd love to see a detailed explanation of how the new Plan of the Week / High Impact Tasks column is intended to be used. In the previous design, I thought it was great that scheduled tasks disappeared from the HIT list so I could quickly see if there were any remaining unscheduled tasks.

Under review

The idea is to remind you of your commitments of the week, regardless whether you scheduled it or not, and to track your progress towards full completion. We want you to complete 100% of your HITs every week

Don't delete this option at all please!) It is great! Is it possible to choose the presentation mode for the HIT? They both are needed

I have many tasks on the High Impact Task list for several different roles. Now they are all mixed and matched and I can see no way of looking at them coherently. Annoying at best, disastrous for my workflow at worst. I want an overview as before. Please advice. 

Hi there!

If you have a long list of unscheduled list, you can create a boards designated for all your roles and create a list for each. 

@Aymeric: makes sense, but perhaps showing the scheduled date next to the the task in the HIT list would help with my need for "Inbox Zero".

Hi there! The date scheduled on the task from the HIT list is indicated above the task name/title. 

Not sure how I missed that before, but the text is pretty tiny. It's better than nothing, but doesn't really solve my problem.


If you are looking for a way to categorize your HITs, you may create a Board designated for Roles and create a list for each.

No, I'm not looking for a way to categorize my HITs. I'm looking for a way to eliminate duplicate information on my Week Plan.


May we ask for your clarification if the planner created duplicates on your end after the update? 

If so, may we ask for a screenshot of those for reference? We'll be more than happy to check them further.

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We are not grouping HITs by roles or by objectives.