Is there a chance that roles will be broken out at the bottom again?

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Or do we have to just accept the change / move on?




What if we introduce a way to see all your backlog grouped by role, a bit like a user suggested, you would have three links: "Schedule Boards Roles"

Like the Boards view, you would be able to see your Schedule on the same page as the Roles board.

We would however keep the Plan of the Week as it is.

Would that solve the contention?


How many HITs do you have currently in Plan of the Week?

About 8-10 (considering it's Wednesday). 

I have 5-6 roles and a backlog of tasks for all the roles. This is similar to how the tech team works at my startup (scrum and backlog). The old view used to allow us to see all the tasks on one screen, even things that might have dropped off the radar. The new view is usable, though the screen real-estate is not being fully optimised.

If you want something similar to the old layout, you can create a new board, and have a list per role.

That way, you would see your schedule at the top and board and lists at the bottom

Plan of the Week is meant for the really important stuff you want to get done this week

Not meant for every tasks of the week, or as a backlog.

How many of such important tasks should users have each week?

As much as you can as guess, but aim to complete 100% of them most of the time. If you constantly fail at completing them all, you need to lower how many you commit to per week

Sometimes, HITs are impeded due to conditions outside of one's control--weather, dependencies on other people, etc. Nonetheless, the should still be at the top of the board, and still have a full view. 

This is a working suggestion. I guess I'll try it this way for now.

You can set a list to automatically set a default role when you add a task in it

Thanks. Nonetheless, there is some information loss though, where the schedule task names are not visible now.

FYI each task is about 3-6 hours, and each day can about 3 tasks (including weekends, which usually have more--errands are key items, but take less time if you batch them). 


Here's a paper version I was using previously until I discovered the awesome Week Plan. The intent is to see everything on one screen (without scrolling, without forgetting anything). I understand the intent to prioritise the HITs better, but in any week I would have about 10-15, which makes the left pane slightly unmanageable.

This is the right layout which Week Plan closely matches. Is your problem that a long list of HITs is difficult to manage and therefore you would like them to be split by role? Or is it that you have to scroll?

Yes, the list of HITs (about 10-15 a week) are less visible on the new layout. On the other hand, there's a lot of empty space at the bottom of my schedule (where the roles used to be), as I try to only have 4-5 tasks daily. The schedule usually takes less than the top half of my screen. 

Thus, it would be ideal to have them (i) split by role, and (ii) at the bottom to optimise screen real estate (and thus not have to scroll).

I see, I need to optimise for the most important scenario here. Having the Plan of the Week clearly visible, instead of catering for people with fewer tasks in their schedule. My assumption is that people with busy schedules would benefit the most off the Plan of the Week.


Wouldn't people with busy schedules thus also have a lot of tasks in the left pane, and thus need to scroll?

How many daily tasks do users have on average?

No I don't think they would have lots of tasks on the left. If you are already busy, you can potentially complete fewer HITs rather than more.

I don't have the daily tasks average here, but assuming someone has 5 tasks, you'd already not have much space under the schedule and you would have to scroll to see your HITs

I see. I understand where you're coming from. Also, it must be difficult to allow the toggling of different layouts (new and previously).

Will try your current suggestion for now and see it's still productive. Thank you for your time in addressing my queries.

Also, perhaps it would be useful to understand how users use the product. There seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the new layout, thought it might just be the minority of users.

A lot of dissatisfaction comes from a few things:

- We should have better educated the users on the changes rather than simply updating the version without notification or tutorial

- Previously many users were using the HITs section as a backlog instead of a week list. The name of the product is called Week Plan, and I believe this Plan of the Week is the essence of Week Plan. If people want a backlog grouped by role, they can still do it using the board. Again, it is an education problem.

- There are some minor quirks with the Plan of the Week, like the sorting isn't quite right, and some people would prefer to see the HITs grouped by role. 

I am still trying to understand if there is another reason why people are disgruntled. 


+1 to this topic... I really liked the roles at the bottom of the week...

I did look into the boards... does that mean to make the roles thing work there, I have to add a lane for every role? Maybe instead of educating users about this, you can just have it be auto created in addition to the parking lot one.

The difficult bit is that not everyone would need this board, so potentially we should have asked as part of the new layout notification if the user wanted their tasks migrated to the board.

What is your opinion about the Plan of the Week?


It's nice, but the view is constrained since I do want to see my tasks by role. Currently I'm working on a specific role and being a visual person... I would LOVE to see them organized in lanes...

Maybe a solution could be a little popup like the prioritize one, but with the old roles view... it's just something that is key to this whole concept.


This feature for me is kind of make it or break it when it comes to buying the subscription... 

Why don't you implement my suggestion of the board? You create a list per role and voila!


You're right. I am currently doing that. It is just a crappy experience as a user.

How is it different from the previous layout?


I mean crappy in that sense that the board has to be created with a lane for each role and it's not the most intuitive flow... why make it so hard to view your tasks broken down by your vision?

How much was this feature removal tested with users? Seems like there is a bit of backlash for the removal.

There is a backlash and I am still figuring out where the problem lies. Is it the fact all the HITS are merged into one unstructured list or is it the fact there isn't enough space to show them vertically?

There has been some testing done, but probably not enough. Would you like to join our Customer Advisory Board?: https://www.facebook.com/groups/430163354142822/


It's both of those things...

Also, like you said, lack of education... it's confusing and not clear how boards play into this... but it's especially frustrating to have to create your own board with the roles...


I agree. It is both the fact that HITS are unstructured and the space is not used to its maximum potential. By the end of the week, there are only a few narrow lanes with items of interest since the rest of the days have passed and should only hold completed tasks.

The tasks by role at the bottom allowed me to update the week plan on the fly (drag things out and pull others in depending on developments - as a previous comment mentioned, many tasks are can be delayed because of external factors). It is also nice to have all the roles next to each other and in parallel to the week plan because I can see if I am balancing properly across all roles. Your role functionality was great and the previous view made it so easy to see what areas I was neglecting.

On a side note, this is a great thread - thank you for all the feedback. I have been trying to adopt the new format but it is not going very well. Can you leave the HIT to the left, have the week days collapse as they pass (or have a rolling 7-day view as another user suggested) and add the role board under the week plan?

So, you are talking about splitting the Plan of the Week and the "Role board". The role board would essentially be a special board where the lists are the roles? And they wouldn't hold the HITs, just tasks?

Yes. Because it allows to see all tasks at a glance. The color/bold allows me to identify the HITS anyway and I never lose track of all my tasks. And tasks can change in terms of importance/urgency.

But if it too much of a departure, I can settle with the HITS list categorized by role, at the bottom of the Plan of the Week.

So... I did the lists thing... but now that I move this off from the HITs to a board, it appears only the board. Good... Then I refresh... now it's on both... >,< 

Mmm, the refresh thingy needs to be fixed. Thanks

You can fix it manually by removing the task from the HIT list by clicking on an icon on the top right of the right sidebar

I did that, but the task still stayed on the HIIT. Looks like a bug

Yes we are looking into this as a matter of urgency


I just ended my Ultimate account since it doesn't feel like you will get the roles back in a view where i can easily overview and organize my tasks. I also confused since the iphone app looks exactly the way i like in the "plan the Week" tab . I have used week plan since i started to practices 7 habits methodology three years ago. And last week i just read GTD and was  in the mood of improving my practice of these methods. Since Week Plan was the best tool i found on the market i will try to monitor the development, but i am out for now.

I agree that this is the best tool on the market... so I'm hoping they fix this. Otherwise,I guess I'll have to create the solution that I want. :O 


Could you comment on my proposed solution? (the additional Roles tab) I have just pinned it in this thread


+1 for the topic as well.

I loved the old view because I didn't have more than 3-5 tasks per day. In any case, I understand what you are trying to achieve Aymeric, but honestly I felt like the previous board look was so much better and you could scroll the day if you happen to have more than 5-7 per day.

This new view frees up a bunch of space for the week and day tasks, but it makes it way more challenging to organize the tasks since they are all bunched up and squeezed under a single columm.

In my opinion, if you have several users requesting this - you should give us the option rather than make the decision yourself. Have an option to toggle between both modes, full screen task view and like it was previously. That way when we want to have a more general view of our tasks when we are planning them we can.

If this fails to happen, I will also cancel my ultimate account with much pain on having to look for another task manager that suits me.



I definitely also think it's not much use without the high impact tasks grouped per role.  It's now impossible to tell whether you're making progress across your roles, and hard to sit down to plan for the week and go "what do I want to achieve in this role this week?" etc.

Some people may use the HITs as a backlog, and I don't think that's a problem, even if it's not how it's intended.  People with busy schedules may have long lists in each day, but I think it would be preferable to still see the HITs grouped by role at the bottom of the screen, and if necessary scroll in each day to see the rest of the tasks.  Most calendar apps require you to scroll at least a little to view all of the hours in a day.

Even better, put HITs grouped by role back at the bottom of the screen in a collapsible panel so you can minimise them if you want your full day view.  Even even better, give people settings options for side or bottom (or even top!) HITs menu, and grouped or ungrouped.

I think many users are finding this a negative change because the 7 habits stuff focuses so directly on planning based on your roles and high impact tasks for each of them, but the new layout is contrary to that.  

  1. having a board with a list per role would resolve the scenario where people use roles as a backlog.
  2. I believe this new Plan of the Week is more loyal to the 7 habits philosophy because it constrains you to use it as a weekly list rather than a backlog.

What if we introduce a way to see all your backlog grouped by role, a bit like a user suggested, you would have three links: "Schedule Boards Roles"

Like the Boards view, you would be able to see your Schedule on the same page as the Roles board.

We would however keep the Plan of the Week as it is.

Would that solve the contention?

This sounds sweet. May I suggest having the feature where the schedule tasks are expanded, like how it looks like in "Schedule", instead of how it looks like in "Boards"?

I am considering showing the additional tasks under the timeline like this to keep things compact (potentially show them as wide as their duration.)

The colours are helpful. Would it be possible to have the task names pop-up if we mouse over them?

Alternatively, we can have the tasks in expanded view like in Schedule.

Yes the task name will pop up the same way it does when you pass your mouse over a task in the timeline.

I am trying to avoid the full expanded view, I think there is a way to keep things visually simple, and yet functional.


Yes. That would solve the contention. 

Adding back the easiest way to easily filter/create/organize tasks based on roles would solve the contention.


- "plan of the week" on the left

- one of the three tabs on the right (Schedule, Boards, Roles)

The Roles tab shows the tasks from all Boards grouped by role.

Or should the Boards view allow to group by Role instead of List as a setting? (and therefore no need for the Roles tab)

Groupby role seems good, with the ability to prioritise which group is on top

What do you mean, which group is on top? On top of what?

Please ignore. I didn't understand your statement fully. I assumed you meant role grouping in the HIT list.

On second thought, I'm unclear about "Or should the Boards view allow to group by Role instead of List as a setting? (and therefore no need for the Roles tab)"--which would allow users to see all roles and their tasks without mouse clicks.

I get that you want to be able to see:

Role1 | Role2

Task1 | TaskA

Task2 | TaskB

My question is where do the tasks come from?

Are they pulled from your schedule, from a specific board, from all boards, or a task added in this role board doesn't appear anywhere else?


Could they be added and managed in the role board directly please? 

If they are in "Boards" or "Schedule" and tagged with the corresponding role, they should logically appear as well.

Ok I think I understand how you woudl be using this board.

Do you want the ability for the task to be visible in a normal board or you want to be able to move them into Plan of the Week or Schedule?

Q: Do you want the ability for the task to be visible in a normal board?

I understand that tasks can be tagged to a "board list" as well. To keep it simple, perhaps tasks that are tagged with a "board list" and/or "role" should appear in the corresponding "board list" and/or "role". 

Q: Would you want to be able to move them into Plan of the Week or Schedule?

Yes, it would be essential to be able to schedule these tasks into schedule. Allowing users to move them to Plan of the Week might also increase usage for Plan of the Week.

Welcome. Thank you for listening to our feedback.



Thank you for showing that as the founder you are willing to listen to your user community. Appreciate it and know it must be a bit challenging shifting the roadmap but as a user, I appreciate it. 

Also, why not move the advisory group here? Your folks are crazy engaged and not everyone uses/loves facebook (privacy issues, social media as a general distraction, etc). 

Thank you for the Roles section!

Yes, thank you for roles section!


I see the roles board, but I don't understand why my existing HITs are not pre-populated in there under the roles they were originally set under?  I want to have a roles area (would have preferred themjust back at the bottom of the main page) where I set my HITs for the week, and then have them appear in "Plan of the week" and on the "Schedule" view when I drag them into a day or time.  I also want the ones I create under "Roles" to be color coded like the HITs that already exist if they are set to Important and Not Urgent, because that means they are high impact.

Hmm the roles section disappear for me. Is this the same for anyone else?

Yes we rolled back because it is causing an issue on iOS app. Will bring back soon


Hi there!

We are just circling back to inform you that we brought the roles tab back on the app few days ago. :)

I see you brought back the roles section, but it is working differently than before and in my opinion, this entire process was a step back on user experience and how we use Weekplan.

I used my Board lists as a backlog and whenever time was right - I would move them to my upcoming week roles tasks, which I would then pin into each day or just leave them in the roles tab know that it needed to be done. Now on the Roles tab I see only my Board lists tasks while my pre existing HITs are still completely crammed together on the left - without a proper way of visualizing them.

Now I really don't have a reason to have the ultimate edition for the lists that I used as backlogs, since now I have to keep all tasks together making it much harder to sort through with the ease that was before.

I know you guys always strive to make the product better, but in all honesty this entire release was a disaster (at least for me).


Now it looks great again!

I renewed my ultimate membership but it doesn’t work. Could you please help me to come on track again?

Best regards 

Jakob Essinger 

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Hi Jakob, 

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Can you please share what error you are getting? Is this email "jakob@essinger.se"  associated with your weekplan account? 


Dev Team