I set up the google calendar sync, but items are all 1 hour off. Is there a timzezone glitch?

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Tasks appear on Google Calendar 1 hour later than they do on Weekplan:

ie. Meeting with Eric (Weekplan 8am - GoogleCal 9am) 
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Yes, it is a known issue we are planning to fix this week.
Hi, Ryan! To address this issue right away, what you can do is add a +1 modifier. Here is a link from Zap on how to modify dates and times, https://zapier.com/help/modifying-dates-and-times/

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!
Hi again, Ryan!  We have now resolved this known issue - this means that you no longer need to add a +1 modifier in Zap.  We greatly appreciate that you have reported this to us and for helping us improve our software! 
Thank YOU for the super quick fix. Aside from that minor glitch, loving the WeekPlan experience so far :) 

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