ios app crash when offline

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iOS app crashes when changing between vision, objectives and planner.

do the first login of weekplan with internet, get out of the app and turn on airplane mode. When entering the app again, it will crash with changing anything in the app.

If you do the first login of weekplan, close completely the app (swipe it up) and turn on airplane mode, it will ask for login on entering the app.

This all means that this app in unusable on an airplane or everywhere else where there is no internet connection. Then why do I need it?

iOS app
Ana Loraine
  • Not a bug

Hi, Alexandre!

Thank you for reaching out.

Our sincerest apologies if we missed your ticket from few days ago. We have been receiving unexpected increase of inquiries recently due to the updates we released on the apps.

Please be advised that the Week Plan platforms, including the mobile apps are only available online. This ensures that the data are in sync across all platforms.