ROLES Tab should show scheduled tasks

Seila 2 år siden opdateret af Aymeric (Founder) 9 måneder siden 16

Dear friends, give me PLEASE the possibility to see ALL my tasks in the Role Tab. It is very strange that the task disappears as long as I assign the date to it. Does it lose its Role this moment? No. It doesn't I believe. It looks like there is no any chance to see the clear picture of my life :( Where is the sense to have the Role Tab???

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Hi, Seila!

We appreciate your feedback with the new Roles tab.

After the release of the new interface, with the Plan of the Week on the left section, the Boards tab and schedule tab, there are a lot of request for bring the HIT- Roles section.

Majority of users wants to see a section where they can list down HITs under each role. 

May we ask for your clarification with the missing tasks? We'll be happy to check them further. 



I agree with Seila that tasks should not disappear from the role-tab when they are scheduled, as long as they are not finished.

Same behaviour as the in the board-tab, where scheduled tasks stay until completion.

For me the role tab is extremly useful for having an overview of things to do in different sections of my live.


Thank you for your comments. It is exactly what I tried to say. Totally agree) It is one of the most important feathers in the WeekPlan which can not be utilized this way and doesn’t show its full potential. 

Sorry for the question but why don't you vote for this extremely needed option?)


Two more aspects regarding the role funktionality:

- when you add a HIT-item with reference to a role in the Plan-Of-The-Week section it should be visible under the correspondent role-tab. The role section has the name "tasks by role", so it should work.

- it is not possible to bring back a scheduled task with role-assignment in the role area by "unscheduling", which is not logical. To keep scheduled task in the role-tab as in my previous post described would automatically heal this inconsequent behaviour.


Yes we are looking in implementing this so that Roles and Boards tasks behave similarly.


Thanks Seila and raland, maybe it makes sense to show all tasks, even the scheduled ones. I thought people were using these Roles as a backlog, and therefore, it made sense to remove them from the board once scheduled.


Or maybe show the scheduled tasks in the roles board... but have them greyed out if they have been scheduled??? 

That’s a good idea. I agree it might work

that is how i was using it and loved the fact that after i assign it, it falls off. but im just 1 vote.

Calvin, you mean you were using it as a backlog and expect to see the tasks disappear after scheduling them?


So it means you use the Roles Tab as a simple Kanban. But this Tab should work much wider I believe. It should be the "map" of all kinds of activities and give the big picture. Otherways it makes me blind :(

maybe creating a specific  parameter  into settings so that users can choose the behaviour of tasks into roles section will solve this problem. (I will not change it)



This so needs implementing for tasks and boards. The option to chose whether tasks on the schedule appear on the lists too, or not.

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