I can not work with this app. It is just to buggy.

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There are so many problems with the app, I can not mention them all. Here just the top 3:

1. The whole system and the UI is extremely unstable, slow, buggy, uncomfortable... It forces my whole device to close down nearly every time I am trying to use it.

2. You can not use the app offline. This is a no go. Why should I use a portable app, when I am forced to stay online everywhere and anytime, what is, of course, impossible. This is compeltely stupid, sorry. And why do you provide the app then? One could also use a browser. I can not see any reason behind this.

3. You can not use most of the planning features, without drag and drop. So this makes no sense at all. If you want to plan anything with this tool, it will take you ages, even for the smallest adjustments. Things show up and disappear in lists, just as they like, and without any system. Sometimes they disappear completely. Changes are often not saved etc. etc.

These few points alone would  keep me away from using even a free app. But we are speaking of a tool which is very high priced. Really very disappointing.

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Ana Loraine
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We appreciate taking the time sharing your feedback regarding the ios app.

May we ask what version of Week Plan and ios app you are using? 

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