Is there a way to actually check off the items listed in the subtask checklist as I complete them?

  • uuendatud
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BTW, so far, I'm really liking your WeekPlan web app. Thank you for creating it!
Bren Goforth
Never mind.  I just figured out how to check off subtasks...

In the pop-up round-button menu of the task, click 'Change completion status'.

Shortly thereafter, I figured out how to undo that when necessary...

Click the 'Show details' (edit) button in the abovementioned pop-up menu.  Then in the 'Edit Task' window, click on the little round light gray circle (with a white check mark inside of it) at the right of the subtask in question.

Thought I'd share my findings so others could possibly benefit from them.  :)
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Thanks for sharing, Bren.  And we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.  Feel free to contact us again if you need any further help!