Updated app all tasks disappeared

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I updated the app for the first time in 6 months and now all my tasks are gone and the interface is completely different. It now appears I'm under a free trial subscription. What happened to all my tasks and the old layout? Please help.

iOS app
Ana Loraine
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Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out.

The new version of the ios app was released back in October.

Please see the details of the release from our blog post: 


With the new version, you can use Week Plan’s core modules including the vision module, objectives module, planner module, and the journal module on your iPhone and iPad.

Additionally, you can now add roles, use the Pomodoro timer, prioritize tasks, set repeating tasks, and synchronize with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar right from your Apple device.

Check out the full list of features:

  • Scheduler
  • Boards
  • Roles
  • Journal
  • OKRs
  • Vision
  • Synchronize with Google Calendar & Outlook Calendar (connect/disconnect functionality can be done via the web only)
  • Upgrade Annual plan (Ultimate plan only )
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Repeating Tasks
  • Prioritizing Tasks

Our sincerest apologies for the confusion but If you have not signed up to create an account to use on both ios app and web app before, the data are not stored on our system and will not be carried over to the new interface.

Ana Loraine
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