I can't renew my credit card & sync to Calendar not working

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The two issues are not related but are annoyng a lot.

I need to renew my credit card but i can't fill the credit card number: simply the filed don't accept any data!!!! (you don't want to be payed?)

Second and more critical bug:

Complete a task in WP don't make any change to GCalendar.

I tried to reset the sync status (both pull & push are selected): no way !

Only way to sync is to delete tasks manually on GCalendar....

The sync of new tasks works flawlessy.

Few thoughts about that:

From my point of view WP has now too many annoyng bugs, much more than i expected.

Stupid bugs that i have'nt time to notify, beacuse i bought this software to manage in a more efficient way my time and my work. 

Spending your time to test the software that is made for better use your time is a NONSENSE!

WP is now a problematic app that i will continue to use, because i need it but also because i hope that you can  solve all the problems and bugs in a reasonable time.

Windows app

sorry i put the BUGS flag on it, but for some reason, probably my mistake, is now wrongly tagged as IDEAS