Add "How to set your week's start day" to the tutorial.

Candice Carter 5 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Boo L. 3 lat temu 4
Myself and others have sent you feedback begging for a way to change what day the week starts on.  Sunday and Monday are all one big work day for my business and it was hurting me having those two days on different pages that I have to refresh, and have separate weekly goals for each one.

I was about to look for a different planning app when I accidentally stumbled onto how to change the work day.

Since I'm sure your users are all over the world, in different cultures with different start days, it would be very beneficial to you and your users if the tutorial showed you how to set your start day.

Thank you!

I really LOVE this app!

1.  I love the way it syncs across my home and work computer automatically through Google Chrome.

2.  I seem to get a little hit of dopamine when I mark a task as completed.  I can't explain it... almost like my brain is rewarding me in the same way it's rewarded through completing tasks and goals in those stupid farming games.  It's actually making me want to complete more tasks.  The motivational pop-up is a nice touch!
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Thanks Candice, I will look into making this setting easier to find!

Could you please let me know how to change the start day of the week? I've watched all the videos and searched through the forum but couldn't find how to do it. Thanks