task goes blurry and then disappeared

sswaggerty 1 year ago updated by Geeta 4 months ago 12

You have a glitch in your system.  I dragged a task to another date.  I let go of the mouse.  The task was then blurry.  I hit refresh to try to fix the blurriness and the task disappeared for good.  I cannot find it anywhere, including if I search for it with words I am 100% sure were in the task.


No resolution, still.

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My serious concern is that I rely heavily on your product to keep track of things I need to do from year to year.  If this organizational system is not reliable, I cannot use it.

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Hi there,

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. May we ask you are using the web app or mobile app? Can you share some screenshots or name of the tasks disappears. It will be very helpful to quick fix it.

We highly appreciate your patience. 

Thank you!


Dev Team 

You can search for something with these words: Check reverse mechanism on overhead garage door, clean track, lubricate hinges, tracks & rollers

You should find a task called fall home maintenance items, but that is not it.


Sincere apology for delay. We dig  the issue and found a task named "fall home maintenance" scheduled on date "2019-08-01" you can search it using the search functionality shown below :

Please confirm, If it was the task you were talking about.

Thank You!


Dev Team 

I know that this was under fall maintenance.  I also had it individually listed as a task.  It disappeared after I moved it from one date to the next.

Thank you for the response.

May we ask if the tasks appeared when you tried to search for it using the function pointed on the screenshot?

This is also happening to me fairly regularly. I use chrome almost exclusively. When I searched for the tasks by name, they did appear in the results and reappeared in my calendar. However, this isn't a sustainable method for adding (and then retrieving after they disappear) new tasks to my calendar. Any word on how to fix this?

No. It was blurry after I dropped it in the new day and then disappeared once I refreshed. 

Hi @sswaggerty - like I mention above, the same thing was happening to me (which was why I came to the message board). 

I think the Dev Team is suggesting that you search for the name of the task that went blurry and disappeared after you refreshed using the icon the indicated in the screenshot above (the magnifying glass). 

When I did this, the task that had initially vanished magically reappeared in my calendar. However, I don't want to do this regularly to retrieve tasks after I enter them and they disappear - I'd rather than stay in there to begin with.


Apologies for late following up with this ticket. May I ask if task disappearing issue still exists for you?

Yes. It doesn’t happen every time I drag and drop, but often enough that it is a serious problem. Why do you ask? Did you attempt to fix it? This has been going on for years. Sometimes it magically reappears. Other times it does not. If it does not and it was a repeating task, the task will repeat in the following year. That, however, does not help me in this year. I am a school principal, juggling hundreds and hundreds of tasks. Dropping a ball is a big deal. We either need to get this corrected or I have to find a new tool to use to keep all of the balls in the air.