What about a calendar?

Richard Lamers 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 3 years ago 11
Hi, Aymeric,
I fall in love with week plan and I would like to plan everything with it. But when I begin to plan a week, I need to know, if there is enough time on this day. For me it is necessary to see all appontments. I think, that switching between weekplan and calendar on my mac or "One Calendar" on my Surface isn´t very comfortabel, is it? Perhaps there could be a workaround with google calendar?
Under review
I am strongly thinking in implementing a "hours breakdown" view like in a classic calendar but I cannot implement it in the short term because I want to complete a series of educational videos first.

In the meantime, you can import your weekplan schedule in any calendar software by using the .ics feed provided in this page: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=WorkspaceSettings
My solution in the meantime is to create a task, make it urgent and important, write it in capital letters, post it at the beginning and write "TERMIN" (german for date). I have also tried a workaround with zapir. But that does not satisfy me. Nevertheless WeekPlan will be my most used tool for planning. Of course I will buy the pro version.
Zapir works now nearly perfect. Just the quadrant doesn´t fit. By the way: I would like to know which quadrant has which number.
Quadrant 1: Important and Urgent
Quadrant 2: Important but not Urgent
Quadrant 3: Not Important but Urgent
Quadrant 4: Not important and not Urgent.

Thank you, Aymeric, if I choose in Zapier a quadrant, the task is added always to quadrant 4. I had a conversation with Zapier. They think, that everything ist fine, but it is not possible that a task is added to another quadrant. Perhaps this helps: https://gist.github.com/bryanhelmig/c6243e6ddd4e0b295f49
My idea is, that I use Google calender and Zapier to add a date in WeekPlus. In order to notice the new date I would like to tag it as important and urgent, Any suggestion, what I should do? Of course this is only a little help until WeekPlan has a calendar-modul. Then it is nearly perfect. In expectation that sometimes my (and othesr) wish is coming true, I am from now on a pro-user.
I see. Could you try to add !1 to the events in Google Calendar and tell me whether it shows as important / urgent in WeekPlan?\

Example: "Remember the milk !1"

i have the feeling the Quadrant field in Zapier is used anymore (I will update)
Your right! If I add "Remember the milk !1" in Google Calender it works fine!

I agree with this request to view calendar in Week Plan.  I was just checking out the service and so many things are well thought out and implemented that I am really surprised not to find it.  Not sure why it would ever make more sense to have to flip between calendar and Week Plan.   So add my vote to viewing Google/iCal in Week Plan in line with tasks.