Another bad Bug

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1- create task with date and hours.jpg
2 - Task is saved (check that is not in sch....jpg

3 - open task - time and date are now diffe....jpg

4 - open date and time, content is right.jpg

First a good news: the new layout is great and i like it!

Then the bug, easy to replicate:

1 - create a task in the board section

2 - define date and time (24/1 @15.00)

3 - save 

4 - the task is correctly defined in the board  (but not in schedule)

5 - open again the task and you can see that date/time are different from the ones previosly setted  (25/1 @06.00)

6 -open date/time editor and you see that they are ok !!!! (24/1 @15.00)

Please correct ASAP or the app is unusable !!!!!

Another problem is that last updated WeekPlan can't be used in Firefox 64.0.2, i see only a blank screen!!!

I have killed cache but result is the same

I don't work to work with with Chrome....

Windows app
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Thank you for reporting this issue. Our dev's are working on it. We will fix it asap and give an update.

Thank You,


Dev Team  

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