Timing issues on Android app

axel.sonntag@protonmail.com 1 year ago updated by Geeta 1 month ago 5


there seems to be a bug regarding the timing of tasks in the Android app.

When setting a date and time, e.g. 9am on 4/2/19, some random time (+/-12hours) is displayed after hitting "save and close". Although the newly scheduled item, after refreshing is shown on the schedule at the correct time, the scheduled item is not synced to google calendar.

I realized this strange behavior only this morning. I am pretty sure (though not certain) that it was not there 3 days ago (Friday 1/2/19).

Could you please look into this?



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Under review

Hi, Axel!

Thank you for reaching out. 

May we request for a screenshot of this task for reference? 

We'll be more than happy to check this further.

This task was supposed to start today (7/2) at 12:30pm. After setting it to the desired time and date (7/2, 12.30pm), the display looked as in the screenshot below. Although the task then did correctly show up in the schedule it was not (at all) synced to the respective gmail calendar that is linked to the account. Thus in weekplan, the task is there at the correct time (despite the wrong indication in the screenshot), but in gmail it does not appear at all.

Hi, Axel!

Thank you for sending those information through and my apologies if we missed your response to this thread.

May we ask if this task is synced from a Google Calendar? 

If so, may we ask for you to check if the timezone on your Week Plan account (from the Account Settings) and Google Calendar are the same?

We'll wait for your feedback.