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Can't get rid of old recurring tasks that came from Google Calendar

banahnah 4 months ago • updated by Dev team 3 months ago 7

Hi there,

I have some old tasks that always show up and clog up my weekplan.  They were from daily standup schedule from last year, and were created in Google Calendar.  It's quite likely that they were set to repeat in Google Calendar until further notice but it appears that Weekplan copied them all over at once, well into the future (at least a year).

The events have now been deleted and the repetition ended in my Google Calendar, and none of them appear there, but they show up every week in weekplan, and choosing "Delete this task and end repetition" does nothing as although they were recurring in Calendar they seem to be discrete tasks within weekplan.  There doesn't appear to be a bulk delete option for tasks with a certain name or anything, so what can I do to delete them? I can't click on every day for the next however many years and delete each item...

Here's a screenshot showing they go right through into the future (October, but they go at least until Jan next year), but they show up in most weeks in week view, just the first ones in month view. It's the Course dev hangout ones:

I'm on windows in google chrome

Web app
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Thanks, we are going to look into this.

Hi there, any progress on this issue?

OK I have an update, lol.  Just now I had the extra events in today's schedule (WEDS). I deleted 2 of them (Course dev hangout at 9:33, chose delete and end repetition), but they hadn't appeared in Thurs and Friday yet.  Then I went away from the tab for 2 mins, came back and poof! Suddenly Thurs and Fri have instances of it (yellow), and 5xinstances of the 9:33 one and 2x instances of a 10:33 one appeared back on the calendar, so 7 unwanted zombie ones (green) respawned from 2 that I deleted:

Then I refreshed and it's back to 3 instances:

I now have less of these in my calendar as I've turned off sync from my google one.  But there's still one instance of "course dev hangout" and one of "hots meeting", that are at the old times and I can't even edit the time IN weekplan to the correct time or delete them :/.  Is this something you guys are looking into or not?  It would be really helpful if you could post an update so I know what to expect going forward, as it's not very useful for me not being able to sync with my google calendar :(


We are going to deploy the fix in next release soon. 

Thank you for the patience and understanding. 


Dev team