What is work flow when scheduling a HIT for multiple days?

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Hey, new user here.

I'm scheduling HIT for multiple days using Ctrl + Left Click Mouse Drag Clone, that however creates multiple separate HIT under objective.

Q: What is fluent work flow when scheduling single task for multiple days?

I’m assuming something like removing objective from task is the answer, but I guess you have thought about this a lot more than I have so asking help. Thx!

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Ana Loraine
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Hi, Tomi!

Thank you for reaching out.

After assigning a date to the parent task (HIT) from the Objectives module, you can set repetitions through the task menu. Don't forget to highlight the week cell where affected by  the repetition so the tasks will reflect on your schedule. 

Tomi Petteri

Thx Ana,

Repetition does clone with objective removed, so I assume this is the way it’s meant to be used. I try to adapt to this behavior.

To be quite honest, I though objective is the most important source of motivation to do tasks, removing it feels somewhat shocking at least at first glance.So I might have misunderstood the importance and usage of goals. This would also explain why every sub task with appointed goal is included to High level action plan which I found to be totally counter intuitive earlier.