Copy subtasks across all tasks in a repetition

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We believe that there is an advantage on not repeating the subtasks, like if your task is shopping. As work around, you can create your subtasks in the Notes area using the following sample:
- task1
- task2

Doing so will create a list in your Notes accordingly. Hope this helps, UlliJ!

I tried creating a list in my notes as suggested, but the markup is breaking in the repeated tasks. So, the workaround doesn't work. Maybe there is a bug to fix?

Also, I'm not proficient with markup and having to learn it for my new productivity tool is well, not productive.


Well, it would have been advantageous to me.

Me too. Is there any chance you could leave this open as a suggestion for people to vote on? It would be helpful if it was an option that you could choose rather than having it dictated to you.
I have changed this item to being a suggestion so that we can receive votes on it.
Maybe search for the topic titled "Copy subtasks across all tasks in a repetition" and add your vote to that! It says something similar
Under review
Hi, Ian! I will merge this to the similar ticket with the same suggestion so you can be notified of any updates accordingly. Thanks!

Making it optional per task would be ideal.

Yes, please! I'm in my first week of using Week Plan and have already run into this issue. Please allow repetitive subtasks/checklists. I'm really enjoying Week Plan and would like to keep using it. Thank you!

Any movement on this? Will it be in v2?

This is also something I need, a tick box to select whether that certain task should copy its subtasks across is definitely the way to go. Leaving notes is ok but this doesn't allow you to tick each one off as it should.

Hi Everyone,

I too, see that a feature like this is necessary, any news when it could be implemented?