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Software is too buggy to justify at this time.

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I am in love with this concept. However, the execution needs a ton of work before I can commit to this app. Scheduling, and managing tasks is extremely buggy. 

I cannot delete tasks. Subtasks are created as whole new tasks and set as appointments on Google calendar. I cannot plan out a project without bloating my gCal.

I wish the tasks could have the following functions:

  1. Allowed recurring subtasks to not be created as brand new tasks without any parent/subtask association (at this time, creating recurring subtasks will create new tasks without the parent association)
  2. Delete tasks and recurring tasks (as of right now, trying to delete a tasks or subtasks which has a recurring event will not delete the recurrences and sometimes even generates duplicate tasks
  3. Deleting scheduled tasks in the app deleted the event on the synced calendar (as of right now, deleting a scheduled task that was created in week plan will not delete the event from Google Calendar

Great Idea, Pretty Good UI, Too buggy at this time. Needs a lot of work

Web app
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  1. What do you mean you can't delete a task? This feature should work fine.
  2. I didn't understand your suggestion about recurring subtasks?
  3. What do you mean by "Subtasks are created as whole new tasks and set as appointments on Google calendar."? A subtask will show in your GCal if you give it a day. Is that the case?


I haven’t had any of the issues noted above, but I do have to agree with “jankiness” of thee system. Multiple times a day, whether with the mobile/desktop apps or web app, the system doesn’t sync changes made between them and requires a restart. The mobile app crashes multiple times a day. 

These items won’t stop me from using the app as long as it stays reliable enough to not delete/lose my data. Plus, it’s such an amazing system, and I’m thoroughly inveested. However, I think the reliability and speed should be increased. And also maybe offline mode for the mobile app.

The mobile app is definitely behind, we are still focusing on the desktop experience first. I recommend using the web app on your mobile as it should be more stable.

We are also experiencing a spike in issues recently, and we have halted new development to focus on ironing out issues. 

Thanks for your support and faith in us.

Thanks for info! As usual, you guys are so responsive.