Is there a shortcut to create tasks with a due to date?

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First of all, congrats for the app you have created, really nice! ;-)

I was wondering if there is a shortcut, like ! or @, to assign a due to date to a task.
I want to use your API with Zapier, and create tasks using my email. The problem is that I can only send these tasks to any of the lists in the parking lot (as far as I know). 

I would like to create a task with a Date. Is it possible?

Aymeric Founder
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Hi Marina, 

Recently I have deployed a feature that you may find useful you can send a task via email without using Zapier.

More info here:
Please note that you can't pick the date at the moment and it will only add it to today.

Using the Zapier integration, you could potentially make it parse the date that you would pass in the subject. There is a Date field and a Action List field so you don't have to send the tasks to the Parking Lot.
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