how can I get into the journal from the new website (2.xxx)?!

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I am wondering how to get to the journal as I am missing (or cannot find) a link to go there on the website(?)

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Hi Lars,

May I ask, how did you get to know about the Journal? This feature is not available now. 

Thanks & Regards,

Dev Team 

Not available in general or not available for my account (because it´s free?). It was also possible the generate an input...
Kind regards, Lars

It was in old version. It is not available in the new version for any plan. 



Dev Team

And a further question - why has the journal been taken out?

That's too bad - I just started to like it. But you can go there from the weekplan.net startpage -> free 6 part course -> module 5/6 -> in the text there is the link: https://next.weekplan.net/v1/#view=Journal.
And, klicking this link I´m logged in to the journal. 
I have one question: As I really would like to explore weekplan - can I benefit from this finding?

Hi there,

We have phased out the Journal.

Thank You. 

the weekly update still says "hit reply to write in your journal".

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