2 Issues: "Repeat UNTIL..." and "Google Calendar integration *off by 1 day*

Greg Malone 5 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 13
Still lovin' it!  Still using trial Pro version, end of week 1.  However, 2 issues puzzle me...

1.  When setting a repeating task, the "Until..." part does not work, isn't interactive, just text.  What am I missing?

2.  When connecting to my Google Calendar my tasks are showing up there, but they are showing up one day earlier than they appear on the WP calendar.  Any help?

Thanks again.

Under review
Hi Greg,

1. I will fix issue 1 today.

2. Could you please send me screenshots on how you set up your Zapier account?



I can confirm the issue with repeating tasks, they are still 1 day off.

Under review

Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out.

Issue #1 was regarding the duration of the repeating tasks. May we ask for a screenshot? We'll be more than happy to check your concern further. 

For example, repeated tasks below correspond to friday, while "Friendsgiving" is a non repeating tasks, and is correctly pulled from google calendar.

Hi, Rodrigo! 

Thank you for your clarification and providing a screenshot for reference.

We'll have our dev team to look into this.

I wanted to add that this issue is still present for one particular event (FISH) in next weeks, but not for the other ones. I can't see where is the difference in my google calendear as the other ones have the same recurrence and ending date, but sure is something related with the way events are defined.

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. 

May we ask for the start date of the event (FISH)? Also, can you please confirm if this has been happening before with other tasks or just recently with this event? 

I think it start on friday 10/06, that's indeed different from the other events

Hi, Rodrigo! 

Thank you for the response. 

May we ask for you to check the timezone of your Weekplan? Kindly set it up with the same timezone on your calendar. 

We will wait for your feedback. :)

Hi Ana,

both are in the same timezone (pacific, gmt-8). 

Hi, Rodrigo! 

Thank you for checking that. May we also ask for a screenshot of this entry on your Google calendar?

You may obscure those information that cannot be shared. 

We appreciate your patience. Looking forward to your response!